Pump Series

scansteel foodtech supplies in to different types of pump series, SuperPump and ContiPump.

The scansteel foodtech SuperPump comprises three different pump sizes. Correct size of pump depends on severel factors suach as, but not limited to, pump capacity, material to be pumped, temperature, viscosity and particle size – from pre-ground meat, raw materiale to half a pork carcass.

The scansteel foodtech ContiPump series is for less Heavy Duty applictations sush as pre-mixers being fed into an emulsifier as well as for buffer-, storage- and silo applications. The buffer hopper comes in two versions: a single feeding screw or a twin screw hopper.

Pump Series

SuperPump Series

SP 200
SP 250
SP 290

ContiPump Series

ContiPump 1250/250 Twin Screw
ContiPump 4000/250 Twin Screw